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We Do Recover is the centralised call centre for the largest collection of private addiction treatment and mental health clinics in South Africa, England & Thailand. Find an effective addiction treatment rehab centre in your area today.

We assess patients needs, get pre-authorisation from your medical aid or private health insurance and coordinates your admission.


Using our advisory service to determine which clinic best meets your needs cost no more than if you'd approached the clinic directly and sometimes we can even arrange discounted rates.

Finding the right treatment service to meet your needs can be a very complex process. On the one hand, it's likely that you're in some form of crisis due to the chaos associated with active addiction, and on the other, the multitude of choices in the marketplace can be overwhelming.

Our purpose is to bring clarity to the difficult choices you have to make. We believe that with a combined experience of more than 20 years in the addiction field both in South Africa and the United Kingdom, is ideally situated to assist you to choose a centre to best match your needs.

What are the different centre's modalities and success rates? What constitutes good clinical practice? What's the food like? What kinds of exercise facilities are available? If you're a family member funding a loved one's treatment, you're probably more concerned with the overall quality of care, than non-essential comforts. 

Others have an unlimited budget and would like to be a little spoilt whilst undergoing their treatment.

There is no charge for this service and all advice is given in the best interest of the patient. Our fee is paid by our partner clinics and so you never pay more than you would if you'd approached the centre directly. 


Signs of addiction may include erratic or irresponsible behaviour, tendency to isolate or maintain unhealthy associations with people, poor eating and sleeping habits and dishonesty. You can help. The key is to help the person suffering from addiction to come to the realisation that they have a problem. For their loved ones, it often means to “stop enabling” their behaviour, otherwise known as letting them face the consequences of their illness. We can help you evaluate the situation.


When does our drinking, using or obsessive behaviour cross the line? Sure signs of an addiction problem include either a sense of guilt about using, irritability towards people or situations that question our using, inability to cut down, or a sense of needing to use to function. If you experience any of these, consider how much more you stand to lose before you get treatment.


Addicted people resist rehab due to the structural and functioning changes in the brain, not defects of character. Patients often realise how bad it is only once they’ve been detoxed. People can be forced in rehab and after being exposed to treatment realise the extent of the problem. It’s only then that they begin to take responsibility for their recovery. A professional intervention requires hours of work with the family before engaging the patient. The role of the family is to have a persuasive conversation with clear boundaries and consequences.


Prices vary depending on the facility and the duration of stay. Your private health insurance will often cover up to 24 days of addiction treatment, as well as 21 days of mental health inpatient care, per year.

We work with most private health insurance and medical aid schemes. We will coordinate your admission and, where possible, arrange pre-authorisation. If you were to opt for a luxury rehab, you would need to complement the cost covered by your health insurance, which we can help coordinate .

If not on private health insurance we can help you find treatment you can afford.


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