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Teras Herbal Juice is a remedy product made of organic fruits and vegetables, made to boost your immune system to be able to fight diseases on its own.

Since 2014 Teras has been helping people to recover from any type of minor, or chronic illnesses to live better. It is suitable for the whole family, including expecting mothers. Don't wait until you are sick to get started with your daily dose of victory. 

Teras Herbal Juice - Healthy Living and Strong Body. 


The first role Teras does in your body is to eliminate all sorts of toxins while it is restoring your immunity to the appropriate level as recommended by our bodies.

The juice is a remedy that boost your immune system to be able to fight various ailments affecting human body such as Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension (BP), AIDS, Immune Booster, Fibroids, Stroke, Kidney Failure, Asthma, Liver Failure, Brain Damage, Heart Failure Tuberculosis (TB), Hemorrhoids/Piles and Wound among other problems. However the juice also helps to eliminate abnormal health conditions such as menstruation disorder, Infertility, Anaemia and many more diseases.

The juice can be used while using your conventional medicine. It can be used by all ages including children (from 6 months) and pregnant women.


Step One

Shake it well before use.

Step Two

Take 30mls or 4 table spoons in the morning before eating anything then wait for about 10 - 30 minutes to eat.

Step Three

Take it for 21 consecutive days then break for 7 days and resume thereafter until you finish the bottle.

Step Four

Minimum number of bottles to be taken is 7 in 7 months for minor health problems and 14 bottles in 14 months for major ailments and disorder conditions.

Step Five

Dosage depends on the nature of an ailment or condition of a patient.

Step Six

Keep it refrigerated but avoid freezing.


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729 Bayside Road, Leisure Bay Estate Unit 77, Erasmuspark ext 1, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

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