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Enjoy the health you deserve - Our commitment is to always deliver quality plant based nutrition and healthy food that benefits the health and wellness of individuals in South Africa.


We are an exceptionally close family who believe in the most natural and pure ways of living through the use of superfoods, healthy eating and proper lifestyle change

Around 12 years ago we began our journey where we started experimenting with supplements and foods, their reactions within the body and the output one would get at specific times of consuming each specific supplement. Through gained experience of having family members and friends and eventually their friends as test subjects for many years, we noticed that they were all more energized, happier, fuller for longer and certainly looking much more radiant, vibrant and full of vitality.

We have learned that through applied knowledge we will get results and fast; through natural remedies and supplements we can heal our stress, anxiety, food and weight imbalances and ensure optimal vitality. It’s not only about the food of course, however creating a beautiful flowing lifestyle that encompasses your entire being, immersing you into this healthy, thriving way of living. – After all, balance in life is essential right!

Living a complete, healthy lifestyle has made a significant difference in our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and it’s very important to us that we follow our practices daily and that we share all we can with you! Now you know us a little more and exactly why we created SynerChi Organics and our complimentary lifestyle program for better living. We want to inspire you all to afford yourself the same colorful, vibrant opportunity for your own perfect Health.


Besides for all the amazing and wonderful benefits SynerChi Superfoods have for you, we enjoy being creative with our products and we want to encourage you to be too. SynerChi superfoods are great for everyday use, they are all plant based, earth friendly, gluten free and 100% natural. Our superfoods are sourced from ethical, heirloom farmers who care for the highest quality of product for the benefit of you and with absolutely no nasties and of course they just taste super! We have a complimentary Lifestyle Program in which we give you all the tools, resources and information you will need to make the best recipes and live a complete life full of vitality.



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