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Suzie Basset is an experienced Kinesiologist and Family Constellation Therapy facilitator in Cape Town. The benefits of kinesiology are profound, start your journey today.


Kinesiology is an experiential process that balances the body and puts it in the optimal state to heal itself. The process of kinesiology, using muscle testing as a biofeedback, identifies and removes negative stressors, be they physical, mental or emotional. Originating from Chiropractic and based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and energy balancing, Kinesiology access the body’s innate intuition and healing energy.

A kinesiologist will test specific muscles connected to the meridians (an interface between the physical body and the subtle energy bodies) to allow the body to reveal precisely the location and or nature of its imbalance. Kinesiologists have access to a wide range of gentle yet powerful adjustments which bring instant change and balance.

Benefits of Kinesiology with Suzie include:

* Understanding of specific emotional /mental stressors that block your ability to heal

* Awareness of optimal choices for a healthy lifestyle i.e. diet, exercise, play, relaxation

* A clearer understanding of your purpose in the Now

* Increased energy and zest for life

* Deeper understanding of how to be nurturing, kind and gentle with yourself


Suzie is an experienced physiotherapist and kinesiologist with a passion for healing and finding solutions for the complex, layered challenges we sometimes face on our journey through life. She has expertise in facilitating balance in the human body on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Spiritual can be defined as a person’s deepest nature: that which flows through us and gives us uniqueness. Suzie combines healing techniques and philosophies of both Western and alternative medicine to achieve optimal results with each client.

Her special areas of interest and expertise are:

* Exploring life purpose

* Relationships

* Healing family systems

* Corporate facilitation

* Anxiety and depression

* Grief and Loss

* Goal facilitation

Suzie has also branched into teaching and teaches Touch for Health and Intuition Courses.

Other modalities that she has studied or explored include: Cranio-sacral therapy, Aura-soma, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Myofacial release techniques, aspects of Inca Shamanism, Meditation and Reiki.

She is registered with:

Health Professions Council of South Africa

Association of Specialised Kinesiologists South Africa, ASKSA.


* Kinesiology

* Family Constellation Therapy (Group or Individual)

* Guided Meditation & Foot Massages

* Energizing Therapeutic Foot Massages

* Crystal Healing Spray


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3 Antrim Road, Green Point, Cape Town 8051, Western Cape, South Africa

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