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Lose Weight Now with Semelia Fat Burner (Weight Loss Product). Reduce weight and body measurements naturally and effortlessly.........While you sleep! No more harmful diet pills.

Semelia Fat Burner

Have you been struggling with strict diets that just feel impossible? Are you looking to lose weight with minimum effort? would you like to lower your cholesterol? Do you want better control of your sugar and pressure? Do you want to increase your overall health and energy! See how Semelia can help you!

Benefits of using Semelia fat Burner

Semelia Fat Burner works with your own body to flush toxins and melt away your fat deposits while blocking new bad fats.

The remarkable benefits of this seed don’t stop there, it controls your cravings and hunger pangs so that you don’t want to eat as much (reduces smoking cravings too!!).

There is no need for Special Diets, eating in moderation will not effect weight loss. This does not mean that you can over do it, i.e. having pies everyday.

You don't have to exercise – You don’t need to follow a strict exercise routine to see results, any exercise will speed up the process.

Just take the seed once every evening! It's that simple! “A Natural Organic Product that Works with Your Body to lose Weight and Improve Your Well being!”Benifits of weight loss seed food pic

The seed is known to and may assist you:

* Cleanse the intestine.
Reduce body fat.
Reduce cellulite.
Reduce levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.
Tone muscles.
Detoxify your body.
Reduce anxiety for eating excessively.
Reduce anxiety for smoke.
Lessen hemorrhoids.
Intestinal constipation.
Reduce problem of arthritis.
Enhance appearance of skin and hair.
Prevent hair loss.
Help to reduce acne.

Chocolates and Alcohol neutralize the effect of the seed. if you know you are going to indulge skip the seed that day and continue the day after.



It is a Light beige seed that looks like a nut with fine hairs on it and thin skin. (Naturally grown)slimming nut

Scientific Information

Palmitic acid 6.5%
Linoleic acid 44.2%
Stearic acid 2.4%
Linolenic acid 26.2%
Oleic acid 20.7%


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Woodpecker Street, Extension 1, Lenasia, Gauteng, South Africa

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