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SANCA Central Eastern Cape Alcohol & Drug Centre is a non-profit organisation focusing on the prevention of, intervention in, and rehabilitation of substance dependency.

Serving the Eastern Cape for nearly 70 years

The organisation has been serving the growing need in the Eastern Cape community since 1952.

SANCA CEC offers world-class treatment and prevention of alcohol and substance dependency. But more than that, SANCA CEC is built on selfless care, professional expertise, and genuine commitment of people.

Our SANCA Team is here to help you

These are the people that are waiting to meet you as you live in the power of freedom and sobriety.


Our focus is on enabling you to find and realise your potential.


We are here to walk the journey of wholeness with you.


We believe that you can, and we’ll help you to believe, too.


You don’t have to do this alone. Our helpers are here to encourage you.


SANCA will partner with you to break substance dependency.

Substance dependency is defined as the need to use chemical substances to feel normal, feel good or to combat stress. Substances, here, refers to:

* Alcohol (beers, spirits and coolers).

* Illegal or legally controlled drugs (cannibis, TIK and Mandrax).

* Over-the-counter medication (certain headache tablets and cough mixtures).

* Prescription medication (for example sleeping tablets and pain killers).

Specialised, professional support to facilitate addiction recovery and prevention

Anyone who has struggled or witnessed someone struggle with addiction will understand both the devastating effects that addiction has on society, as well as the importance of professional intervention along the way. SANCA CEC’s service offering includes a comprehensive range of solutions designed to assist individuals, families, communities, schools, and businesses in the treatment and prevention of substance dependency.

SANCA CEC’s PIR approach

Our services fall within the PIR approach to substance dependency.

The PIR model’s focus is to enable people to make healthy lifestyle choices through:


Programs and interventions to slow the rate of addiction in society.


Treatment of addiction on a psychological, social and medical level.


Support programs, routines and initiatives that enable full recovery.


SANCA CEC is a government-aided organization.

As such, it charges a nominal fee for services rendered, but these are kept to a minimum so as to make our offering accessible to anyone that needs it.

Clients and patients are requested to contact our offices to discuss current rates.


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22 Saint Mark Road, Southernwood, East London 5213, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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