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205 George Anton Street, Sinoville, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa


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Quinton Mundell of QLife Coaching in Pretoria, Gauteng offers a variety of life coaching and counselling services. When I work with you I will always give my absolute best as I have learned from my teacher that nothing less than 100% is good enough.

I am Quinton Mundell and I have a Holistic approach to life. Through my own personal experience I realized one aspect of our life’s impacts every other aspect of our life’s as well.


We tend to focus on one aspect as success or health and we tend to forget the other aspects of our lives. If we only focus on money we tend to neglect our own health and relationships. To live a life of happiness, love, health, success and of peace we need to embrace all of who we are. The key to healing and the key to success is to know yourself. I do believe that God only made A people, therefore every human being that enters into my space is an A person and I don’t accept or expect anything less of them to be. Your past is your past, but what happened in your past created your agreements with life itself. 

Therefore we don’t judge your past and we accept your present and we create your future, as your future is in your hands waiting to be created. I have been on my own healing journey for many years. I have my degree in Psychology. I have studied various healing modalities to assist myself and each client towards a higher state of healing. If you are ready to take action of your life then this is the place for you to start your healing journey. I will hold a space for you to be yourself and a space for you to discover yourself.  I understand my own imperfections therefore there is no judgement or condemnation in this space. Truth is my guidance as I belief truth will set us free from shame, guilt, resentment and in truth we will find the gift of vulnerability, love and intimacy. Grace will find you as you start walking your own truth, excuses will disappear and you will stand in your power. 

I am willing to walk each step of the way with you, if you are willing to accept each step of your own path. 

But you must choose, and you must take the first step. I will be ready to take all the other steps with you.


First Consultation
1 hr 30 min
R 500

Individual Counselling
1 hr 15 min
R 450

Trauma Counselling
1 hr 15 min
R 450

Career Counselling
1 hr 15 min
R 400

Couples Counselling
1 hr 15 min
R 550

Family Counselling
1 hr 15 min
R 400

Counselling for children age 8+
1 hr 15 min
R 400

Group Counselling
1 hr 15 min
R 450


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205 George Anton Street, Sinoville, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

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