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Pure Rejuvenation situated in Glenwood, Durban specializes in restoring your health holistically using aromatherapy, reflexology, massages and beauty and skin care therapy services.

Not just massage...

Massage and Reflexology are like siamese twins. I cannot separate them. Reflexology is also my favourite. If you are shy about getting a massage, then reflex is a great alternative as a stress reliever. Feet that burn, cramp, swell, pain or lack mobility all benefit from Reflex. Reflexology is so beneficial for many physiological issues, and each session gets you closer to your health goal. If you are happy where your health is currently, then one session once a month will allow you to maintain your health. If however you are working at improving your health so that you sleep better, visit the doctor less frequently, reduce anxiety attaches, desensitize sinus and hay-fever, reduce bloating & indigestion and even reduce acne then reflex is the way to go.

So while you are on your journey of self discovery and restoring your health holistically, you may also discover that you need a bit of waxing, a fresh eyebrow tint, a facial every month or two, and even a pedicure for your summer sandals. I can help you there too.

About Pure Rejuvenation

Biography for Pure Rejuvenation - Restoring your Health Holistically with Wendy Wotherspoon

I received my first qualification in 1992, bright eyed and taking on the world at 18 years old. My journey into massage started at 8 years old though. I was in boarding school, and one night someone had decided it would be a great way to relax if we all took turns massaging each other after lights out. Well my queue quickly got longer and longer.

It is an honor and privilage to be asked to massage. In order to massage you, I first have to pass through your energy field. The same energy field that makes you choose who can hug you, and who cannot. So it is with great awareness that I massage. I love working on bodies, feeling the energy that lies there beneath the surface. And even when you don’t tell me what’s going on, your body does. When you are ready, or when asked directly, I will attempt to put into words what your messages are. Where attention needs to be paid, what burdens you are carrying, which you can now put down as they no longer serve you.

I do cheat, a little. I have been taught by great teachers before me how to read your body. To know what lines across your throat may mean, that heavy legs are your lack of flow, that even though you say you are fine my eyes see your bitten nails beneath the perfect gel polish. I notice that you do or do not make eye contact. What colour you choose to wear, and in which hue. The body shape that frustrates you, excites me. Your soles are my journey into your soul. Across your back there is deep pain to show the burden you are carrying. 

When I started Pure Rejuvenation, it was to get away from the cookie cutter massaging style. To free myself and my clients from the rigid 60 minute routine, where you are lucky if you get massaged for 50 of those minutes. I choose to work from a home based salon. Why? what if what I described earlier brings on strong emotions. Do you really want to go walking through the mall? And that hairstyle we create and those red, freshly waxed eyebrows are not convenient with your latte.

I choose to come to your home. Why? because of the convenience it gives you. Instead of driving you could : send one last email, going to sleep directly after, no stress of you’re home bound due to anxiety or due to restricted physical ability, get kids bathed, start supper, arrive home to a massage/reflex. Also by being in your home children become familiar with my face, and are more likely to agree to massage. And if Mom or Dad have a massage kidlets under 2 get their massage FREE!


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37 Edmonds Place, Durban 4001, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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