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Om Your Soul provides psycho-spiritual healing platforms to awaken beings to connect to higher self. Located in Bedfordview, Johannesburg.


Through the Om Your Soul services and holistically designed packages we assist customers in attaining true understanding of self and their role as a microcosm in society. By uplifting, healing and aligning people to their joy states through a compassionate, divine and pure process we aim to create balance in the macrocosm by awakening the individual.


* Sacred Gaia Gatherings

* Master Gaia Gatherings

* Energise Chakras

* Find True Self

* Revitalise Detox

* Plant Medicine Retreats

* Tech Free Retreats

* Silent Retreats

* Speaker on the subject of consciousness and healing

Om Your Soul aspires to awaken individuals to their divine state and develop a range of services to increase consciousness. We believe the lack of awakened individuals is manifesting in to the socio - economic symptoms we are currently facing world wide. By relentlessly dedicating ourselves to this process, we believe healing and aligning one person at a time will inevitably create a more harmonious vibration within oneself and therefore the world.

Om Your Soul aims to target those living with 3rd dimensional issues of stress, depression, & addiction etc. as well as those seeking spiritual growth through a process of implementing advanced spiritual technology and natural healing practices encouraged in ancient shamanic tradition to reconnect the soul to the body, revitalize and reboot the individual into a higher state of consciousness enabling them to live an empowered and sovereign life.


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43 Bradford Road, Germiston, Bedfordview 2008, Gauteng, South Africa

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