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Progesterone is a hormone that the body produces naturally. Progesterone restores hormonal balance aiding in fertility, relieving oestrogen dominance in both men and women and helping with symptoms of menopause.


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Did you know that balancing your hormone levels when trying to fall pregnant is as important as knowing your day of ovulation?

Progesterone therapy has a good record in helping women successfully conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Using progesterone creams when coming off any contraception pills could increase your chances of conceiving by 80%.

Progesterone is a hormone that’s produced mainly by a woman’s ovaries. It’s one of the hormones that fluctuate with a woman’s menstrual period. There is also less progesterone after menopause.

Men need progesterone too. Progesterone is a precursor to testosterone.  As men age and testosterone begins to decline, estrogen levels steadily rise. Progesterone helps to counteract the effects of estrogen on the male body.

Progesterone restores hormonal balance and could help with:

* Irregular menstrual cycles
Recurrent early miscarriages
Mild depression and mood swings
Panic attacks
Sleeping problems
Weight gain
Water retention
Decreased libido
Hot flushes
Migraine headaches
Infertility due to Luteal Phase defect

The best way to get natural progesterone into your blood stream quickly is in a cream form that is quickly absorbed  through your skin. This can then help to supplement your body’s own progesterone levels and help to restore your hormonal balance.

Maybe Mom Naturone Progesteron cream is :

* 100% Natural and doesn’t contain any animal oils, colourants or preservatives.
4% Progesterone
Promotes regular ovulation
Increases sperm count

See Package insert tab for detailed instructions on use for :

* Fertility in Menstruating women
Peri-menopausal and menopausal women
After a hysterectomy / oophorectomy

Each unit contains 50ml Cream with applicator spoon.


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