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Wellington Road, Medi House, Unit 11A Wellington Park, Durbanville 7550, Western Cape, South Africa
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Want to make an appointment with a reliable audiologist in Cape Town and surrounds? Nb Hearing has supportive professionals who prioritize hearing for connection of your brain, to the world of sound.

Welcome to NB Hearing, we are a team of qualified audiologists trained to offer solutions for hearing loss or impairment. We focus on adults with acquired hearing loss, supply and fitting of hearing aids, repair of hearing aids, assistive hearing devices and the effective management of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or other abnormal ear sensations, such as hyperacusis.

We believe that hearing is important! It connects us to one another. It enriches our lives by enabling us to learn, to understand and grow. If you are suffering the consequences of a hearing loss, such as difficulty following conversations in noisy places, increasing the volume of your TV without improved clarity, feeling that everyone around you is mumbling, or you experience ‘ringing in the ears,’ it is crucial to consult a professional audiologist. An Audiologist is a skilled healthcare practitioner with a degree in Audiology, who can diagnose hearing disorders and identify problems with the ears and auditory pathway. After diagnosis, an audiologist will help a patient who is suffering from hearing loss find solutions to restore quality of life. We apply our skills and knowledge, including an understanding of the anatomy and function of the ear and auditory system and the impairment of hearing, to educate, treat and support persons with hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis and balance disorders.

NB Hearing has been established for 24 years. For a trusted audiologist in Cape Town, or nearby in the Northern or Southern Suburbs, you can rely on us. Our team of qualified audiologists offer comprehensive audiology services. We’d like to guide you on the path of improving your hearing with the technological solutions that are available to manage hearing loss.

Our services include:

- Identifying hearing problems through calibrated hearing screenings.
- Comprehensive diagnosis of hearing loss in calibrated sound conditions for accurate results.
- Thorough explanations to ensure that our patients understand our findings
- Management and rehabilitation for all types of hearing impairments that are amenable to audiological assistance.
- Supply and fitting of a wide range of hearing aids.
- Providing a supported 30-day hearing aid fitting with an ‘option to credit’, to help you find the ideal fit.
- Hearing aid cleaning and repairs.
- Supply of hearing aid batteries, hearing accessories and assistive devices. If not in stock, we can order it for you.
- Counselling and sound management for patients with Tinnitus or Hyperacusis.
- Custom hearing protection, sleep-plugs, in-ear monitors, and swim plugs.
- School and industrial hearing screenings and diagnostic services.
- Home and hospital visits for patients who cannot travel (within certain ranges).
- Total support for the duration required to treat any hearing-related condition.

To make an appointment at any one of our branches, do not hesitate to contact us. As your devoted audiologist team, we look forward to travelling your journey with you!


Business Locations:
Wellington Road, Medi House, Unit 11A Wellington Park, Durbanville 7550, Western Cape, South Africa

 11 Kloof Road, Suite 507 Sea Point Medical Centre, Sea Point 8060, Western Cape, South Africa
 43 Dean Street, Newlands 7700, Western Cape, South Africa

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Wellington Road, Medi House, Unit 11A Wellington Park, Durbanville 7550, Western Cape, South Africa

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