Kim Lewis-Williams Energy Kinesiologist

Crn Witkoppen & The Straight, 1st Floor East, Eagle Creek Building, The Gantry, Fourways 2194, Gauteng, South Africa

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Kim Lewis-Williams, Energy Healing Facilitator & Energy Kinesiologist.


Feeling Stuck or Stagnant?

Resolve the undercurrent Sabotages, Limitations & Emotional Triggers
Releasing the Emotional Charge around Childhood Pain & Unresolved Emotions

Instilling Positive Mind Referencing, Focus & Clarity for Health, Success and Self-love.
Ease of Stress Management and taking Responsibility for an Empowered way of Living!

Self-Development Assistance Therapy

Together through a series of sessions, working on deep rooted, underlying limiting subconscious patterns, emotions, thoughts, triggers, beliefs and pain - we can shift from what feels stagnant and stuck to motivation and change.


Kinesiology is a great blend of techniques based on Chinese energy principles, NLP, age-recess healing, acupressure, alternative energy healing techniques and many more. Your body is continuously communicating to your brain and visa versa, its needs via the nervous system and neural pathways. The brain controls the body and its muscles. By instructing your brain to communicate via a muscle, known as muscle testing, the brain can then indicate stresses in the body as feedback. The muscle indicates what will weaken your energy and body and what will strengthen it. By then asking the body to indicate where the imbalances are in the body, mind or energy system due to emotional or physical stress, we can then balance it and bring the body back into alignment. Once you are in alignment, it becomes easier to feel more focused, passion, drive, creativity, performance and to take action and get results. We can remove stress around moving forward in life, work stress, family stress, body stress or pain in the body.



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Crn Witkoppen & The Straight, 1st Floor East, Eagle Creek Building, The Gantry, Fourways 2194, Gauteng, South Africa

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