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233 Mark Street, Grootfontein Country Estates 0081, Gauteng, South Africa

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Natural Health Centre using Harmonising Frequencies and Herbalism to promote good Health. Juniper Green in Pretoria provides an alternative to conventional Medicine in the treating of illness.

Electro Resonance Therapy is a non invasive energy healing treatment, delivered through Transducer lamps, which places the frequencies at cellular level to heal you from the inside out.

When the cells in the body are diseased or an organ is not working to its optimum capacity, illness is the result.

Chemically induced intervention can suppress the symptoms, but do not address the root cause of this disease of the body.

Here at Juniper Green you will get treated for your specific problem. In an relaxed and serene environment, your health can be restored and energy will be supplied to the organs and glands that needs to be revitalized for the body to return to its natural state. No after effects. No allergies. No pain or discomfort. We are fully trained and capable to treat each and every condition that is listed on our Website. The body has an innate ability to heal itself with a little coaxing from a natural source. Our treatments have an instant response and most patients leave without pain or previous symptoms after just one treatment.

Trauma and shock change the chemical composition in our blood. Falling of an scaffold, the death of an loved one, divorce, being retrenched, hijacking and assault are just a few examples of how our bodies react chemically to trauma. Our Energy Healing Technology addresses these imbalances and helps the body heal itself


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233 Mark Street, Grootfontein Country Estates 0081, Gauteng, South Africa

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