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11 Fret Avenue, Centurion 0154, Gauteng, South Africa

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Hypnosis in Centurion, Hypnotherapy is the tool I use to empower my clients, so that they can change their reality and enjoy their life more!

* Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is the proses where hypnosis is used in a therapeutic setting to help clients realise their goals. In the process the hypnotherapist work with the clients’ imagination, emotions, thought patterns and habits.

* Pain Management
Pain is a message sent from your body to the mind warning us that something is wrong and we better do something or stop doing something. The mind reacts to this message and in turn causes us to react. In hypnosis we work with the mind and mind body connection and can change the way the mind reacts to and interprets the messages.

* Weight Loss
The Hypnosis in Centurion Weight Loss Program works with the clients’ thoughts, relationship with food and exercise, their automatic behaviours and reactions, their habits and the emotional and unconscious reasons for overeating.

* Stop Smoking
The Hypnosis in Centurion Stop Smoking Program focuses on the three major aspects of smoking. The physical aspects, where cravings and withdrawal symptoms are addressed, the emotional aspects and then the automatic behaviour aspects.


* Hypnotherapy
Contact Jaco for a free phone consultation and find out if and how hypnosis can help you to change your reality so that you can enjoy life again!

* Entertainment
Make your event unforgettable by adding a hypnosis show that is catered towards your audience.

* Self Hypnosis Training
Learn to improve yourself in your own time and in your own setting. Design your perfect life and make it a reality!


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11 Fret Avenue, Centurion 0154, Gauteng, South Africa

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