Huis Genot

34 Dyke Road, Algoa Park, Port Elizabeth 6001, Eastern Cape, South Africa
041 452 4731


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Huis Genot Old Age Home is a aged accommodation health care organisation, in Algoa Park, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Huis Genot Home for Older persons


* Empower and Protect Older Persons, their status, rights, wellbeing, safety and security
Acknowledge Christian and Democratic values, social righteousness and fundamental human rights of Older Persons
Sustain and improve good quality of life and the potential of the individual
Acknowledge human dignity as included and protected in the Manifest of Human Rights
Provide fair and affordable health services and entertain constructive and meaningful way of life
Maintain efficient, responsible and transparent management


* 24-hour care and support services
* Supervising services
* Rehabilitation
* Initiate community awareness regarding aging and dementia
* Counseling / Community Services
* Daycare provided
* Training provided
* Recreational creativity development
* Residents committee
* Maintain healthy financial principles and management
* Maintain a complaints and an incidents register and procedures according to the act
* Zero tolerance policy towards Older Person’s abuse

Excellence Factor:

* Sustainable good quality services and facilities
* Maintain good relationships and customer / residents satisfaction
* Applicable facilities through continued enhancement
* Develop sustainable client services, opportunities, facilities and technology
* Maintain applicable staff training
* Non-negotiable high standard of nursing and housekeeping practices and safety procedures

Huis Genot offers / provides:

* Committed and sufficiently qualified Nursing – Housekeeping -Culinary – and Administrative staff
* Maintenance of psychological, physical and social stimuli in order to provide good quality of living
* Spiritual communion within the Christian values of the ACVV
* Safe, tranquil and sustained homely experience, maintaining excellent facilities
* Three balanced meals daily – produced in a well-equipped kitchen
* Pledges to provide a home to all our residents and the necessary support to ensure a loving inspired experience to all
* Huis Genot is monitored by CCTV and equipped with Smoke Alarm Detectors
* No Smoking is allowed in the facility

Registered according to the Older Persons Act , 13 of 2006
NPO – 003- 545
Home for Older and Frail Older Persons.


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34 Dyke Road, Algoa Park, Port Elizabeth 6001, Eastern Cape, South Africa