2 The Grail Street, Sandton 2128, Gauteng, South Africa


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Herbafrique based in Sandton was founded in 2005 by a research and development team. We provide what we believe to be the finest scientifically founded herbal products in South Africa.

We offer you natural creams without:

mineral oil
artificial fragrance or colourants
not tested on animals

We are a proudly South African company which believes in supporting the local economy while providing luxury products at an affordable price.

Only the finest African ingredients and the highest standard of manufacturing has gone into these biological and natural products.

The human body is far more tolerant of plant extracts than synthetically produced chemicals because:
Herbs contain minerals and vitamins which are easily absorbed by the skin. These have a far more beneficial effect in softening wrinkles, moisturising, reducing oiliness, and are helpful in combating skin disorders like eczema, acne, and blotchiness.

Skin allergies and skin sensitivities are on the increase. This is because of creams containing artificial fragrances and parabens (preservatives) as well as sunscreens with protective factors that are way too high.

Herbs have a balancing effect (homeostasis) on the body which eventually normalise the functioning of the skin.

Our skin care products are made from natural, locally sourced ingredients and carefully selected herbs which have been chosen for their balancing and corrective properties.

Herbafrique’s intention is to create awareness around herbal remedies and provide great products as an alternative to conventional medication and skin care.


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2 The Grail Street, Sandton 2128, Gauteng, South Africa

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