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22 Kolbe Avenue, Oranjesig, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa


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Looking for Orthotic & Prosthetic Services and Product Manufacturers in Oranjesig, Bloemfontein? F A Kleinhans offers reliable and efficient services.


Where we work with so much more than just feet.  Yes, we do a full biomechanical assessment to determine what kind of orthotic is needed, the report from this assessment gets sent to our patients as well as their nominated physiotherapist and/or biokineticist and the referring doctor.  This way everyone in the team treating the patient are on the same page.  You see we believe that one should not only treat the symptoms but also the actual problem.  Just because you experience pain in your feet, does not mean the main problem is the feet.  It could be a wide variety of muscles and joints that might need strengthening, stretching or realignment.  We treat the symptom to help you get pain free, but also give you a full analysis of what needs to be done so you can stay pain free.


In this area, Mr Kleinhans aims to assist patients with getting mobility and freedom back with dignity.  These patients have gone through so much trauma already and most of them have a long road of recovery ahead of them.  Here we work closely together with physiotherapists to assist these patients not only with a prosthetic leg or arm, but also with the necessary assistance to learn how to use this new prosthesis optimally.  These prosthesis often needs to be adjusted or refitted as their bodies change and their abilities adapt.  A lot of our prosthesis patients are living active lives, working, doing sports, all this was made possible by finding the best solution for that individual, prosthetics is definitely not a one size fits all area.  Each patient’s activity level prior to amputation is assessed and their current abilities are taken into consideration when making their prosthesis to help them get back to what they really want to be doing.  We work with the doctors and physiotherapists at Pasteur hospital to optimally rehab each patient, as well as with outside physiotherapists who comes to see the patients in our practice.

Breast Prosthesis:

For a woman, one of the worst things we can go through is walking into the Doctor’s office and hearing the words you have breast cancer.  This means going through the process of treatment and often mastectomy.  Now not everyone feels up to making the decision of getting an implant after having gone through all of this.  Sometimes you might not feel up to having another surgery.  Whatever the reason, we are here to assist with an alternative.  We can help you choose a prosthesis that suits you.  With a wide variety of these available today, we can assist you in choosing one that fits in with your lifestyle.  There are ones that is light weight and ones that was designed specifically for those among us that still does sport.  Whatever your need, we have the prosthesis and bra to help you.



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22 Kolbe Avenue, Oranjesig, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

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