Reconnecting with Heart, Soul & Nature

 Drakensberg Gardens Road, outside of Underberg, Underberg 3257, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Drakensberg Gardens Road, outside of Underberg, Underberg 3257, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Map Directions
26 March 2019 - 30 March 2019
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Reconnecting with Heart, Soul & Nature

Date: March 26 - 30, 2019
Teachers: Mandaza
Everything is teaching us – Ajahn Chah.

Our real home is inner peace – Ajahn Chah

Be like the ocean that refuses no river – Mandaza Kandemwa

The focus of this retreat will be on understanding our true connection with Nature and rediscovering how to live in balance and harmony with natural processes, both inner and outer. Can this reawakening of our intuitive sensitivity support the restoration of peace in our own hearts and minds as well as the healing of the social divisions that divide us?

The retreat will include dialogues, sessions and meditations outside in Nature, ceremonies honouring Nature, as well as opportunities for private individual readings with Mandaza.

Mandaza Mandaza Kandemwa is a spirit-medium and medicine-man from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He was initiated through the tradition of the njuzu, the water spirits. As a vessel of the Spirits, Mandaza receives visions and dreams, makes offerings, performs healing rituals, and serves as a messenger for the Ancient Ones. Mandaza carries with him in his heart the African spiritual tradition of healing and peacemaking. He is known internationally for his loving presence and for his preservation of the old ways. He stands for Truth, Love, Justice and Peace in this world.

Like the water spirits he carries, Mandaza flows between the worlds, moving easily between the worlds of Christianity, the secular, the traditional, the modern, the industrial and the earth ways, all that is sacred and profane. Currently, Mandaza travels internationally offering teachings and healing counsel in churches, schools, prisons and hospitals.

You can listen to a talk by Mandaza on the Mind and Life website Botswana Ubuntu Conference 2017 livestream at:

Daily Rate and travel surcharge, and Dana (free will offering) for teachers & staff.
Please note the increase in Daily Rate as of 1 March 2019.



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Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat
Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal
2019-03-26 2019-03-30 Reconnecting with Heart, Soul & Nature

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