Flavourful Yoga & Soul Food Retreat

 22 Minerva Drive, Gillitts 3610, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 22 Minerva Drive, Gillitts 3610, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - Map Directions
29 November 2019 - 1 December 2019
 031 764 0959
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Flavourful Yoga & Soul Food Retreat

Rest & Digest Haven was created to provide a soothing ambiance for you to retreat from your everyday responsibilities. Connect with nature in the mini-paradise that is Rest & Digest Haven. The grounds are lovingly tended in the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable ways to make this a place of returning back to the natural rhythms of nature.

As a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher, let me guide you through a meaningful journey of restoration, re-connection and re-balancing.  This will leave you feeling more grounded, calm and centred, enabling you to move back into your life from your open heart-space.

Weekend Yoga and Food Retreat. We incorporate all aspects of exercise, breathing exercises, meditation for stress release, in-the-garden connection to nature, preparing meals together and having quiet time to integrate the experience. These courses bring back to us the importance of connectivity to one another; connecting with nature and the natural healing this connection enables; the value of communal cooking; making time for ourselves in quiet reflection through gentle yoga and meditation.

Starts: Friday, 29th November at 4pm.

Finishes: Sunday, 1st December between 2 and 3pm after lunch.

THEME: Experience your healing through movement, food and stillness practices.

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