Dr Svetoslav Bulatov, Riches of Health

Culross Road, Bryanston 2191, Gauteng, South Africa

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Situated in Bryanston, Gauteng, We are applying the best of ancient and modern medicine to resolve difficult cases. We offer alternative & holistic healing through homeopathy and iridology.

The integrative medicine looks at the whole person, not at the disease symptoms.

We are educating professionals and public of missing links in medicine. We are doing an ongoing research to enable us to use the best diagnostic and healing methods for the highest benefit of the patient.

We have developed some of the best treatment protocols for chronic diseases.

Our aim is to facilitate the process of achieving vibrant health, emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual wisdom for any sincere seeker.

We are running courses for health professionals and laymen on various topics.

We have projects on Corporate Health Management, HIV/AIDS/TB, crime, etc.
We only work with people that have a genuine desire to change their lifestyle, transform and heal themselves on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.

Iridology - 5 - 10 min
16 point diagnostic method - 60 min
Blood tests - Ampath laboratory
ImuPro and DNAlysis
Live Blood Analysis

Homeopathic remedies and AlisOne tissue salts.
Minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, herbs, supplements according to the metabolic type and microbiological terrain.
Eating plan matching the individual characteristics.
Ozonator, resonator and far infrared sauna.
Advanced balance bracelets, quantum pendants, orgonites, etc.
Removing enemies to health.
Individualized exercise.
Study/career/relationship guidance.
Quantum leap body work.
Prayer, fasting and anointing.


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