Dr. Gerhard van Niekerk

1 Morkel Street, Somerset West 7130, Western Cape, South Africa


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A Medical Aesthetic Clinic practice to assist with all rejuvenation ideals. Our approach is: “Less is more” Located in Somerset West.

Dr Gerhard van Niekerk has been a full time Aesthetic Practitioner since 2006. Trained in most Aesthetic Modalities, he specialises in 3D facial analysis and vectoring rejuvenation using Neurotoxins, Dermal Fillers (HA and CaHA), Facial Threading, Lasers and Collagen induction.

A regular speaker on national and international platforms, he has a drive for teaching and the professional development of aesthetic practitioners.

He has been part of the pioneering of suspension sutures in South Africa, and has a great passion to develop and perfect the integration of suture treatments in the Aesthetic basket of options.




UltraPulse® can penetrate deeper than any aesthetic ablative CO2 laser. Combined with great versatility, this makes UltraPulse® perfect for both everyday procedures and the thick and complex lesions.

Chemical Peels

With hyperpigmentation specifically, this process gets rid of the darkly pigmented cells faster. This allows the new, even-tone cells to take their place

Collagen Induction Therapy (Micro-needling)

Premature ageing | Skin Laxity| Lines and wrinkles | Scarring from acne, chicken pox, injuries or surgery | Sun-damaged skin | Stretch marks | Smoker’s lines

NEUROTOXINS (Muscle Relaxation Injections )

Neuromodelators Botox & Dysport

Reduction of Wrinkles Frown – Glabellar|Forehead – Frontalis |Eyes – Crows feet |Brow Lift |Nose – Bunny lines |Gummy Smile


Dermal Fillers

Normal ageing involves volume loss in the different layers of the face (from 30 years). To augment this volume loss, dermal fillers are used in all the different layers.

Collagen Stimulating Fillers

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Ultherapy (Skin Tightening Devices)

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Pigmentation - iPulse Laser

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Hair Removal - iPulse Laser

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Skin Rejuvenation

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Skin Repositioning

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1 Morkel Street, Somerset West 7130, Western Cape, South Africa

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