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78 Main Street, Howick 3290, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


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Dovehouse Organics has now brought its organic shopping convenience into Howick. We are retailing all our organic products, fresh produce and whole foods at 78 Main Street.

Also very important are personal hygiene products, and the shop will stock eco-friendly household and body products that care for the environment and people, as well as animals!

Opening times at the Howick shop is weekdays, 8am to 5pm and Saturdays from 8am to 12.30pm and contact number, 079-368 0832.

Our restaurant is closed to public until further notice. However, booking functions at the restaurant may be made.

Our spacious venue is wheelchair friendly & child friendly. Bookings are essential at 087-150 5131.

Dovehouse Organic Farm, Shop, Restaurant and Conference Venue, was established in 2000 by Paul and Shereen Duncan.

“Our dream was to develop a small scale organic farm using permaculture design principles that would not only provide a healthy lifestyle and income for our family, but also become an inspirational education center where people could come and learn about permaculture and organic gardening / farming techniques. We also dreamed that our community would have easy access to organic health foods and products ” Paul Duncan
Mercury Article July 2013

Permaculture – (permanent culture) is an energy efficient and ecologically sound land use design framework that uses conscious design to develop agriculturally productive ecosystems that link natural ecosystems to the built environment around us. In other words permaculture is a natural way of living and farming in harmony with nature, in essence, working with nature instead of against her to create a healthy sustainable ecology for future generations. Today Dovehouse Farm is a productive working/living example of what can be done using permaculture ethics and design principles.

Mary Mlambo (who by the way produces some of THE most delicious salad veggies) partnered with Paul. Together with a local group of small scale organic farmers they sell their vegetables to a number of markets such as the Dovehouse Organic Health Shop (located on the farm), local restaurants and farmers markets. The co-operative is growing rapidly, as is the demand for healthy, fresh, raw, organic food.

The farm is a venue for facilitating permaculture and organic gardening training workshops, health related workshops as well as empowering small by market gardeners to grow and sell their excess organic produce (alongside the larger organic producers) through the Dovehouse Organic Farm Shop. The shop provides a wide variety of healthy food, fresh produce and Eco-friendly products . “We are living our dream and expanding it … Please explore our website to find out more about our Organic health shop, health related workshops, permaculture and organic garden/farming training workshops, consultations & implementation or the organic market garden co-operative.

The kitchen is able to cater for special requests, advance notice would be appreciated. Our function room hosts up to 30 participants, and the kitchen can cater for a range of requirements.

Dovehouse Farm Restaurant is supplying Dovehouse Organic shop with biscuits, cakes and ready made frozen meals. Our famous salad dressings are still available. Ready prepared meals will be available through the shop plus an exciting new range of food products. We are aiming to bring out the best in our already great local & wholesome produce. It promises to be a very interesting & tasty exploration into foods that are not only Organic & Free Range but have incredible health & wellness benefits too.

Dovehouse is proud to host a wide range of workshops, to name only a few: Compost Making, Tissue Salts, and Raw Food Workshops.

Howick Shop: 079-368 0832
Dovehouse Farm: 0871 505 131
Shereen Duncan: 082 868 4517
Paul Duncan: 084 292 4354


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