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Cape Town Ozone Health is based in the main road of Sea Point and is the biggest centre in the Southern Hemisphere offering the use of Ozone Therapy using the Smith Mark III “pods”.

Even if you are in perfect health, you will benefit from this treatment to detoxify and stimulate the working of the immune system.

Due to the latest technology and up to date equipment, we can administer the following therapies:

* Steam Sauna/Hydro Therapy (Hyperthermia)
Ozone Steam Therapy (Transdermal)
Oxygen Steam Therapy
Topical Ozone Therapy (Cupping)
Breast Cupping
Vaginal insufflation
Ear insufflation
Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)
Photon light and spectrum therapy
Herbal/Aroma therapy

Typical treatments are between 20-30 minutes in duration. A series of treatments usually consists of 10 -20 applications. If necessary (especially in cancer), a second or third, etc., series of treatments should be undertaken.


Ozone Gels
Electrostatic Air Purifiers
Ozanators (Domestic)
Spa Licous

What is Ozone?

Ozone is an activated, trivalent (three atoms) form of oxygen. Oxygen is O2 whereas ozone is O3. Over a period of over 20-30 minutes, ozone breaks down into two atoms of regular oxygen by giving up one atom of singlet oxygen leaving a single, reactive oxygen atom. Medical ozone is made when medical grade oxygen is electrically activated (using an ozone generator) to form ozone.

The body can survive weeks without food, days without water but only minutes without oxygen. Every cell of the body requires a continuous supply to feed the chemical reactions that generate energy, detoxify both internal and external derived waste products and to maintain production of the structural cell components. Any reduction in the availability of oxygen to the body, whether by poor posture and breathing, deoxygenated water and refined foods, smoking, lack of exercise, environmental pollution or exposure to carbon monoxide, reduces the optimal performance of these essential cellular functions.

As a lack of sufficient cellular oxygen is a major cause of poor health, leading to conditions such as arthritis, low immunity, constant tiredness, regular cold and flu’s, migraine, low vitality, M.E and so on, when the body is flooded with an activated form of oxygen, namely ozone, people constantly report that these conditions as well as their general health and energy levels dramatically improve.

What Ozone does:

Ozone inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus and protozoa, stimulates the immune system, cleans arteries and veins, improves circulation, purifies the blood and lymph, normalizes hormone and enzyme production, reduces inflammation, reduces pain, stops bleeding, prevents strokes, improves brain function and memory, oxidizes toxins, prevents and reverses degenerative diseases and eliminates auto-immune diseases.

Is Ozone Therapy safe?

Ozone Therapy is considered one of the most effective methods to treat a variety of conditions and is used legally worldwide. Ozone Therapy also has little or no side effects. Remember, ozone is an oxygen compound, is non-toxic and life giving. Without ozone the planet earth would not exist.


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19-33 Regent Road, Regent House, Sea Point 8005, Western Cape, South Africa

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