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BodyTalk with Julia Hastie in Pretoria. Getting regular BodyTalk sessions has served my families’ health and my own, for several years now. We rarely get ill, and recover amazingly quickly when we do.

Experiencing great health, plenty of energy for daily tasks and a positive outlook on life, has been the result of BodyTalk in our way of life, and it is something I wish for all people!

My career after school set me up perfectly for my inspiring vocation as a BodyTalk Practitioner. I graduated as a Social Worker from the University Pretoria, and worked for both Child Welfare in Pretoria and Children & Families in England. During the evenings, I taught adults at Project Literacy, and later ran my own pre-school. I love working with families and their children, and I believe in the power of empowering and teaching people. People who have vitality and clarity are able to take responsibility in their own lives, make simple choices for their own good, and experience life in an exciting and stimulating way.

So many of my clients come to BodyTalk because they found their daily lives inhibited by pain, stress, aches, fears, lethargy, worry, allergies and tension. By using the BodyTalk System to work with their own body’s ability, playing to their strengths and systematically addressing priorities in health, our clients experience the magic of living a vibrant life. I took my first BodyTalk course in May 2006 and have completed all the courses taught in South Africa in the subsequent years. This includes studying Anatomy and Physiology in 2010 and graduating as an Advanced BodyTalk practitioner in April 2011. I continue to study as a student of PaRama, learning the most fascinating aspects of brain physiology and psychology in order to best serve my clients

In October 2007, I completed Body Chemistry Specifics, a course designed to enable BodyTalk practitioners around the world, to specialise in working with people suffering from Allergies, Intolerances and Addictions. I have seen so many people experience wonderful and long-lasting results from these powerful sessions. Within a few sessions, I see cats being touched, milk being drunk and children playing on grass, with no adverse reactions – this is a highly effective form of BodyTalk, and I looked forward to working with you on addressing your Allergies and Intolerances

In 2012 new world was opened to me when I studied Structural Integration and Fascia Balancing for BodyTalk. These courses taught Practitioners many new skills and techniques for addressing pain and tension in the body. Necks, shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles are able to getting moving again.

Tension and areas of pain in the body, caused by accidents, surgery or injury can be gentle addressed using the Priority Principle in BodyTalk – we never work on or in an area unless YOUR body has indicated that it is a priority and your body is ready to address it. This allows for gentle and deep-reaching repair in the body.


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245 Rosalind Road, Pretoria 0184, Gauteng, South Africa

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