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42 Nieshout Street, Roodeplaat, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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Bly-Moedig is a Psycho-Geriatric Clinic located in Roodeplaat, Pretoria. Our purpose is to look after patients in a dignified way and to provide them with a safe structure to function in.

We would recommend you visit our facility to experience the well organized and professional Clinic that we have established over 30 years. We are situated a couple of minutes outside of Pretoria in a warm country environment. See our contact details with detailed location instructions and a map.

• We specialize in Alzheimer's and other long term psychiatric care, as well as people with physical disabilities.
• Recovery care
• 24 Hour professional nursing care
• Country surroundings
• Since 1978

We are a affiliated member of Alzheimer`s South Africa

Sister Lina Enslin and her husband Pierre started Blymoedig Clinic in November 1978.

Originally the plan was to take in 4 - 5 aged to look after, but with the opening, 10 patients arrived and so Pierre and Lina did what was necessary. They and the children, moved out of the main house, which they equipped to be able to accommodate the patients and then they moved into the flat that had been fitted out for the patients.

Blymoedig is not a profit orientated company.

Lina is a very patient and dedicated Nursing Sister that has always had a soft spot for the older generation. She sees the caring for these people, not as a duty, but a way of life. She has been blessed with a lot of patience and so ended up caring for more and more patients that needed a lot of care because they had an unknown illness, that has now been identified as "Alzheimer-type-dementia". The frail-elderly, for example people who suffered a stroke were also admitted.

Initially there were also a reasonable amount of cancer patients that had been referred to the clinic by the Cancer Association, because they were terminally ill and there was nowhere else for them to go. But, the clinic seemed to be admitting larger numbers of patients that were brought there because they behaved abnormally.

Presently, Blymoedig Clinic is caring mainly for aged patients that have been diagnosed as having "Alzheimer-type-dementia". Patients that have been diagnosed as having other psychiatric disorders are also admitted. There are presently patients in the Clinic who have been diagnosed as having, Schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's Chorea, Down's Syndrome, Major Depression, Mentally Impaired patients. There are also patients who have suffered brain damage through injury and other types of dementia.

Blymoedig Clinic is also a training facility for nursing assistants, which means that nursing staff can, and is, selected from the best trainees that are available, which obviously leads to a better quality of care for the patients. Patients who are vulnerable and defenseless needs to be in a caring environment.

With the number of patients constantly on the increase, it became necessary to plan for expansion and so it was decided to build the now existing complex. Pierre was doing the building himself. During the building operations there were outside organizations that got involved, among them the N.G. Church of Lynwood Ridge, who assisted financially as well as providing assistance in the form of labour.

The Clinic is situated in a very quite, peaceful environment that is ideal for patients with "Alzheimer - type" dementia because they are able to walk around freely without getting lost. There are also pets, namely dogs, as well as farm animals that the patients have access to, which creates a homely, farm - type atmosphere.

Every effort is made to create a homely atmosphere, yet still provide a 24-hour nursing service that the patients need.

There are two church services held at the clinic every week that are enjoyed by the patients because they are reminded of the past and also provides a form of comfort to them during the difficulties they have to endure due to their illnesses.


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42 Nieshout Street, Roodeplaat, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

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